Derailleur Bike Shop Cafe

Located 40 miles north of Pittsburgh, in an 1886 historic gem of a building along the beautiful Butler-Freeport Community Trail in Herman, Pennsylvania   Step from the trail into our distinctive Café and Retail establishment, featuring wholesome food and refreshing beverages, bicycle repairs, accessories and gear.  Whether on foot, one wheel, two wheels, skis or dog sled, you'll find good food, bike talk and great friends at Derailleur Bike Shop Café

Gavin Archer and Dee Stephen, both avid cyclists, wanted to create a business that incorporated the recreation activity they love. The couple fulfilled their dream on July 4, 2014 with the opening of Derailleur Bike Shop Café, catering to Butler-Freeport Community Trail users.

The couple completed extensive renovations to the property which included replacing the flooring, wiring, plumbing, and roof as well as demolishing a damaged train ticket office that was attached to the store.  Over the years, they have completed countless other renovations and repairs with the latest being an upgraded shaded deck where the ticket office once stood and new front porch on the the house.  With a structure of this age, there will always be something to maintain.  

Husband and Wife team, Gavin and Dee have tried to preserved the historic feel of the property, while modernizing the cafe's small kitchen.  The menu provides something for everyone whether it be a cool drink, and great cup of coffee or a healthy lunch. The bike shop, connected to the cafe, has got what your need whether you are looking for a new bike, a repair, or some accessories. As a family run, socially responsible company, Derailleur advocates healthy living and alternative transportation.

Deedee Stephen & Gavin Archer